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Silverhill Elementary ,

Student Advisory Committee

Student Advisory Committee Meeting April 24th, 2014

Minutes for Thursday, April 24, 2014

Q: Students want us to bring back the Friday Treasure Chest Visits for accomplishing weekly goals for AR.
A: Our AR Committee will address this request for the 2014 - 2015 School Year.

Q: Students want to vote for the color of their Friday/Field Trip Shirts.
A: Our wonderful PTA Officers are already working on this idea.

Q: Students really like the reward popsicles at the end of each quarter for having A or A/B Honor Roll.
A: Many thanks to BCSS and Ms. Angela Foley!

Q: Students want new Silverhill Sweatshirts for next year.
A: Again, our wonderful PTA Officers are already working on this.

Q: Students want more Snow Cone Days.
A: Next year, we will strive to schedule snow cones for more of our Special Snack Days.

Q: Students would like to have permission to download Spotify on their MacBooks.
A: This was discussed but not approved due to the inability of school personnel to monitor the downloads through this program.

Q: Students would like to have eBooks in the library.
A: Our great librarian has already been researching this resource.

Q: Students would like to go outside more for P.E.
A: Our hard working P.E. Teacher is making this happen.

Q: Students would like to have week-long, thematic activities for the last week of school.
A: I asked them to brainstorm and present the list of activities for consideration by the faculty and administration.

Q: Students would like to restart our trips to the bowling alley.
A: Next year, we will partner with Mr. Jerry Byrd, Director of Sales & Marketing at Gulf Bowl Family Entertainment Center, to facilitate reward trips to the bowling alley.

Q: Students wanted to know how to do assignments on the MacBooks at home if they do not have access to the Internet.
Option #1: With a parent, visit the library or another safe, publicplace that offers free Wi-Fi.
Option #2: The teacher may allow time at school for the assignment to be completed.
Option #3: The teacher may consider providing an alternate assignment that meets the same objective.

Q: Students want to know if we may exchange Good Behavior Jean Fridays for Out of Uniform Days if their behavior is good all week.
A: The faculty and I will have to discuss the pros and cons of this change.

Q: Students are very excited about Field Day 2014!
A: So are we!

Q: Students wanted to know if we could place air fresheners in the restrooms.
A: Yes.

Q: Students report that some of our restrooms have broken locks.
A: Our awesome B & G Manager is taking care of this.

Q: Students would like to know if they could whisper in the gym in the afternoons during bus duty, especially the students riding the later bus.
A: The teacher on duty will consider this request.

Q: Students would like to be allowed to do gymnastics in P.E. on Fridays.
A: Mr. Miller is considering this request.



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